Haen Family Park Dog Changes

Hello Oakbridge Neighbors,

This is being sent largely for those who are dog-owners, but may be informative to all. As some of you have already discovered, the city recently banned dogs (even on leashes) in Haen Family Park. For context, this change was implemented by the Board of Park Commissioners (BPC) by recommendation of the city parks division as a substitute Dog-Free Park for the purposes of allowing dogs in Hillpoint Park (located just off the intersection of Junction and Watts, 1.3 miles from Haen Family Park), without having received any citizen request for dogs to be banned in Haen Family Park. Dogs are still also banned in Sauk Creek Park (0.6 miles from Haen Family Park).

With both nearby parks now banning dogs, the OCSA would like to ensure that everyone is aware of how comments can be provided to the BPC and to the city parks division regarding the topic. The BPC can receive comments at pacommission@cityofmadison.com, referencing Legislative File No. 68112. A request for the designation of any park to be changed (or remain the same) can be submitted to the parks division at https://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/play/designation-change-request. Additional information on the BPC and their meetings, minutes, and agendas can be found via both their and parks division websites, and additional information on dog policies throughout the city parks can be found at the parks division website.

Your OCSA Board

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