Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2018

Oakbridge Homeowner’s Association Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2018

Present: Ron Hay, Dan Gronemus, Jeff Wilson, Barb Prigge, Laura Schweitzer, Abigail Darwin, Jordan Speicher, Kraig Bodie, Nancy Kern

Minutes taken by Nancy Kern

  1. Review 2017 Finances
    1. 1/1/2017 opening cash balance in the checking account = $318
    2. 1/1/2018 opening cash balance = $2,070.35 (balance is higher than January 2017 because we didn’t have much snow in 2017)
    3. The savings account was closed on 3/6/2017 due to a zero balance; funds were transferred to checking account to pay for 2017 bills due to a shortfall in the checking account.
  1. Budget for 2018
    1. We increased dues from $52 to $57 in 2017. Because expenses for mowing and snow removal continue to increase and weather-related expenses can’t be predicted easily, we believe it would be wise to increase dues again for 2019. Mowing was not done every week last year because there wasn’t as much rain. If dues increase, that should give us a cushion in 2019.
    2. Dan motioned to raise the dues to $62 next year. Barb seconded the motion. This passed unanimously.
    3. Neighborhood Association taxes need to be filed.
      1. Ron will apply for an Employer Identification Number with IRS to file neighborhood association taxes
    4. Expected 2018 expenses: Lawn care and snow removal services, neighborhood liability insurance and storm water runoff bills from the City. Some trees in common areas may need to come down and the stumps will need to be ground up (Ron is willing to take down the trees but the stump grinding will be an additional expense).
      1. Board discussed purchasing insurance for the officers in addition to the liability insurance for the neighborhood common areas (Ron to obtain quotes).

Additional periodic expenses that the Association would need to pay for in the future are sidewalk repairs and maintenance of the neighborhood sign at the entrance off Tree Lane. (The sign was replaced eight or nine years ago and it was re-painted in 2017.)

  1. Homeowners
    1. Properties sold in 2017 – we had about six turnovers in home ownership in 2017, compared to 15 – 18 turnovers in 2016.
    2. One residence is delinquent in remitting dues for many years.
    3. Some residences are not maintaining their properties very well (taking care of landscaping, trash receptacles outside, etc.) which can affect property values and attracting prospective homeowners looking at homes in the neighborhood. A few more homes are now rental properties too.
  1. Plans for 2018 Neighborhood Projects:
    1. Pruning and raking will be done by neighborhood volunteers. We will announce the date on Facebook, the website and Next Door. We will rake common areas in the spring. This is a good way to get to know our neighbors, as well as a way to keep our Association expenses low.
    2. Fertilizing: Volunteers will take care of this again
    3. Snow removal – new company seems to be working out although we have had very little snow
    4. Garage sale date: May 18 & 19
    5. Pool memberships: Joan Henry is responsible. Ron will talk with Joan to learn about the 2018 fees and when sign-ups and keys will be available.
    6. July 4th is on a Wednesday this year
      1. Dan will order the fire truck
      2. The Board will take care of food and beverages
      3. Potluck for salads and desserts this year?
    7. Newsletter to be distributed by March 1, 2018. It will be posted on the website and Facebook. We distribute hard copies to those who aren’t members of Next Door.
    8. Annual neighborhood meeting to be held near the end of April. Jeff will reserve the room at Alicia Ashman library. (The room can be reserved two months in advance.) We will set the date at the end of February. We will let people know on the website, Facebook, Next Door and in the Newsletter.
    1. Discuss new website – Jordan designed a new website for us at
    2. A notice is on the former web site re-directing people to the new web site
    3. Information about the new web site will be posted on Next Door and in mentioned in the neighborhood Newsletter



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