Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2018

OCSA Board Meeting

October 10, 2018

Present: Ron Hay, Dan Gronemus, Barb Prigge, Jordan Speicher, Jeff Wilson, Laura Sweitzer, Nancy Kern

  1. Next year, we can specify a late fee in connection with dues assessments if we choose to. Our penalty is 6% as set in our by-laws.
    1. We think the date of levy can be either the date of the board meeting where we set the annual fees or the date that appears on the letter that we send out. To be consistent, starting next year, the date of the levy will be the date of the board meeting where we set the fees for that year. We will file any liens within six months of the date of the levy.
    2. Liens are paid when the homeowner sells the house. To get paid before the homeowner sells, we would need to go to small claims court. However, the homeowner cannot refinance, get a HELOC, or any other type of loan against the home while there is a lien in place. It also affect your credit rating.
    3. We will craft a letter where we explain that if dues are not paid by the due date, they are overdue. If they are overdue, a lien will be filed. We will consider mentioning that if you cannot pay your dues, put it in writing with the reason why you can’t pay.
    4. There is no set lien form in the law. Wexford’s form looks good, so we will probably use it as our template.
  2. The request for donations letter brought in $2020 from 61 households. This is almost half of the Oakbridge homeowners, so that’s a great result. By the end of November, Ron Hay will have all of the budget numbers so we can determine where we stand for the year. It was brought up that we should send thank you notes to all who donated, but that costs money (paper, printing, envelopes, postage) and time. We will give this more thought.
  3. We plan to meet on Wednesday, December 12. We will try to find a public place to meet if Katherine’s neighbors plan to come to the meeting. We will have our budget and so we can be ready to formalize it (and dues) in early January. We will send out a meeting request in early January for our annual meeting. We plan to ask for annual dues payment by March 1. We can schedule the library meeting room two months in advance. We plan to meet around January 21. We will send out the letter around January 15, probably requesting dues by March 1.
  4. At our annual meeting in January (22, 23, 24, 29, 30 or 31) we will again ask for voluntary contributions. Ron will set the meeting date. We have four board seats up for election in 2019.
  5. Fall left raking is scheduled for Saturday, November 3. We will meet at 10 a.m. by the sign.
  6. We will discuss neighborhood crime at the annual meeting.
  7. Ron and Jeff plan to prepare a packet for new neighbors. We may look for block captains. The packet would be personally and physically delivered as a welcome to the neighborhood. It would include a link to the website, contact people, NextDoor, some information about deed restrictions and a blurb about what dues are used for.


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