Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2019

This document is a DRAFT and has not been approved by all members of the board.

Meeting called to order in Conference Room of Ashman Library at 6:00 PM.

Present: Board members Abigail Darwin, Ron Hay, Laura Schweitzer, Brian Shah, Jordan Speicher, and Jeff Wilson; Secretary Richard S. Russell; and guests Barb Prigge, Mark Allen, and Jan Lehmann.

1. City assessments and how best to pay for them

We have 2 ongoing city projects that require funding, one for curb and gutter and one for sidewalks. We already accounted for the C&G work in the 2019 HOA dues. However, the sidewalk bill (for the common areas) is new and amounts to approximately $15,600, which works out to $108 for each of our 145 households. That’s if we pay it off all at once. A drawback to charging for the entire cost in a single year is that we’ll probably have an uptick in people who don’t pay at all, which could leave us deep in the hole. Another consideration is that a lot of our homeowners have to pay their own assessments for work in front of their own properties, and the last thing they need is another hundred-dollar hit.

If we pay it off over 5 years at the 4% interest rate the city charges, we’d end up paying about another $3000 ($20 per household, which we’d have to incorporate into the annual HOA dues). If we get the bill before October 31, the payment will be due this year; later than that, it’ll be due starting next year. Last year we charged $57 per household, this year it went up to $105, to cover the C&G work that we learned about prior to asking for this year’s payments. But we didn’t find out about the charge for sidewalk repair until March, too late to build it into this year’s fees. Perhaps the city would cut us a break and not start charging us for the sidewalks until next year, so we could plan for it.

Motion by Brian, 2nd by Abigail, to pay bill over 5 years.
Adopted unanimously.
Motion by Abigail, 2nd by Jeff, that Abigail will send a letter to the city explaining that we will not be able to start paying until 2020, after HOA dues are collected, and per the city’s letter of January 9 we understand that interest will not start accruing until the due date of the payment.
Adopted unanimously.

2. Street/driveway repair

Residents have been asking the board to serve as an intermediary to Raymond P. Cattell Inc. regarding problems with street resurfacing. There was consensus that this was not a responsibility of the board, and that anyone with specific questions or problems should contact the Cattell spokesperson, Jason Price, at 608-574-0247.

Branch trimming and raking of common areas has been completed for this year.

3. Legal update

We had only 1 resident who didn’t pay dues by the due date (despite repeated collection attempts), and a lien has been filed in circuit court against that property.

4. Architectural Review Board news and updates

There were 3 requests for approval of improvements this past month, all of which were approved. One issue the ARB may discuss in the future is how close raised garden beds can be to the lot lines.

The application from Jeff Wilson was so well done that we are using it as an example of how to fill it out; it’s posted on the Oakbridge website alongside the blank application form.

The ARB will be reviewing the Architectural Control Rules with a view toward updating them.

5. Social Committee news and updates

Regarding the 4th of July celebration, Jordan said that the Fire Department truck has been lined up and everything else will happen essentially the same way it did last year, including the potluck aspect. Jeff has the signs from last year. Several people volunteered to get various food items. We need a couple of tables, but a couple of board members volunteered to provide them.

Will the garage sale be rescheduled? Hard to say, since we’re not sure what the street-work schedule is.
Motion by Jordan, 2nded by Laura, to reschedule the garage sale to August 16-17.
Adopted unanimously.

6. Neighborhood directory/contact list

Motion by Abigail, 2nd by Ron, to:
(1) OCSA will sponsor an Oakbridge Neighborhood Directory in 2019 on a trial basis. If it’s deemed to be successful, it can be reauthorized for future years.
(2) The board authorizes the spending of as much as $350 for the production of the directory, but all publicity about the directory will encourage voluntary contributions to offset this cost.
(3) Each Oakbridge household will be invited via a customized survey form to submit information for the directory in these areas:
• Adults (including name, eddress, personal phone, and occupation)
• Kids (including name and age)
• Household Phone Number
• Pets (including name and species/breed)
• Interests
• One Fun Fact about Your Family
• Services Willing To Perform (including lawn mowing, leaf raking, weed pulling, snowshoveling, dog walking, baby sitting, and other)
(4) Forms will be hand-delivered to each Oakbridge address in June with a target date of July4 for return. A table will be set up at the July 4 picnic where they can be turned in, but the form will also say that they can be mailed or hand-delivered directly to the secretary.
(5) Only people who return a form will be listed in the directory. People may return a form indicating that they want a copy of the directory but don’t want any information about their household listed in it.
(6) Only people who return a form will receive a copy of the directory.
(7) The directory will be generated only in paper form so it can’t easily be copied for commercial or political purposes. The target date for distribution is July 31.
(8) The cover of the directory will explicitly say that it’s copyrighted by OCSA and not to be duplicated or used for commercial or political purposes.

Discussion: The proposed $350 printing cost was a concern, even tho there was some expectation that most of it would be covered by voluntary contributions. Why do only paper and not a PDF version? The original thinking was that it would be too easy for an electronic copy to fall into the hands of commercial interests and this might inhibit some people from sharing their information. However, in light of the convenience of PDF and holding down expenses, some board members thought that it would be better to have a PDF version that could be e-mailed to participating households (with option for a paper copy at a nominal charge).

Motion by Brian, 2nd by Ron, to postpone until next meeting.
Adopted without objection.

7. Technology

Should we post meeting minutes on NextDoor? Jordan said it would probably be easiest to just post the link to the minutes that are posted on our own website.
Cost of renewing our domain name has jumped to $36 (from the introductory price of $8). No charge for hosting because Jordan’s hosting it on his own server, but we might want to look at commercial services so we aren’t so dependent on Jordan.
Cost of MailGun e-mail service provider is free unless we hit 10,000 e-mails in a year. It would forward e-mails sent to (for example) Architectural Review Board only to ARB members. We could also do this for individual officers. There’s not that much volume, however, so just sending things to the board generally won’t overwhelm us.
Should the website stop quoting individual board-member e-mail addresses in favor of the group e-mail address (tentatively “”)? Consensus was yes.

Moved by Laura, 2nded by Ron, to reimburse Jordan for cost of domain name. Approved without objection.

8. Creation of neighborhood logo and/or flag

Motion by Brian, 2nd by Ron, to postpone this discussion until the next board meeting.
Approved without objection.

9. Next meeting

Thursday June 6, 6-8 PM.

10. Other business


11. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Richard S. Russell, Secretary

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