Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2016

Call to order: A meeting of the Oakbridge Homeowners’ Association, was held on January 13, 2016. The meeting convened at 6:30 p.m., President Dan Gronemus presiding.

Members in attendance: Ron Hay, Jeff Wilson, Ryan Waite, Barb Prigge, Elliott Kosmicki, Katherine Holt, Nancy Kern.



Our opening cash balance on January 1, 2015 was $1,491.74. We had assessment income of $6941.64. Our expected revenue for 2916 is $6,900. Expected expenses (based on 2015) are $7,000.

Expenses for 2015.

Snow removal/lawn care…..$4,812.72

Postage and office……………..$428.24




Total expenses………………..$6,996.59

2015 loss ($54.95)

*Note that insurance premium more than doubled from last year.

**Utilities include water run-off from islands in cul-de-sacs, common property along Tree Lane, and other common areas within Oakbridge.

Ron Hay noted that the snow removal and lawn care is reasonably priced and there haven’t been complaints, so we will continue with the same provider. Because costs aren’t likely to decrease and we’re cutting it very close, the board unanimously voted to increase fees by $4 for 2017. So beginning in 2017 the fee will be $52.00 per year.

Many thanks to board members who volunteer their time and energy to save the association money, keeping our costs low. The following people worked on Oakbridge common areas in 2015:

Ron Hay – tree removal and pruning

Jeff Wilson, Ron Hay, Dan Gronemus and Elliott Kosmicki – raking leaves

Jeff Wilson and Dan Gronemus – fertilizing

The annual garage sale is typically held May 13-14 or May 20-21. We advertise in the newspaper, on Craig’s list and Nextdoor. We like to hold it the same weekend as Sauk Creek to increase traffic. We are checking with them about the date.

The newsletter will be distributed by March 31.

Some residents have requested a directory. Previous attempts to collect information were not successful because some residents prefer to keep their contact information private. Nextdoor and the Facebook group are good ways to contact others in the neighborhood.

New president

Motion: Moved by Jeff Wilson that Ron Hay be the president of the Oakbridge Homeowners’ Association. Motion was seconded by Elliott Kosmicki. Motion carried.

We also discussed updating the by-laws. They were written many years ago and so many of them are out-of-date. This is something that will be explored further.

  • Dan Gronemus: Treasurer
  • Ron Hay: President
  • Elliot Kosmicki
  • Barb Prigge: Newsletter
  • Ryan Waite
  • Katherine Holt
  • Nancy Kern: Secretary
  • Jeff Wilson: Web site and Facebook

January 15, 2016 – Date of approval

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