Chip sealing

The streets in your area are scheduled to be chip sealed this summer. The cost of the chip seal is funded entirely through our Pavement Maintenance Fund and there is no assessable cost to the adjacent property owners. Chip sealing is an important part of the City of Madison’s Pavement Management Program. The benefits that the City of Madison and its residents will receive from the implementation of a chip sealing program include: saving the City of Madison millions of dollars in pavement maintenance costs; waterproofing the streets; protecting the underlying pavement from oxidation, aging, and traffic wear; sealing small cracks and imperfections; and extending the serviceable life of the streets.

The street will be open at all times during the chip sealing project. The Contractor will be required to post “no parking” signs prior to starting work. They will specify on the “no parking” signs the days parking will be removed from the street, and you should expect the chip sealing to occur during this time. The City of Madison’s Contractor, Scott Construction, Inc., is planning to begin construction on the 2020 chip sealing program in early May. A map of the streets to be completed this year as well as additional information regarding City Engineering’s chip sealing program can be found on our website:

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