Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2019

Present: Ron Hay, Abigail Darwin, Barb Prigge, Jeff Wilson, Nancy Kern, Brian Shah, Kraig Bodie, Katherine Holt, Richard Russell, and Mike Kern.

1. Annual meeting schedule and voting in new members


The meeting room at Ashman library is available starting at 5:30 p.m. Richard Russell, Ron Hay and Jeff Wilson will arrive before the meeting to set up the chairs.

Ron will send the income and expenditures and budget to Richard so he can project this information on the screen. Richard will send the budget information to Jeff to post on Facebook and Jeff will send it to Jordan to post on the website. Abigail will post the information on NextDoor.

The board voted on the budget and approved it unanimously. Abigail proposed that we approve. Jeff seconded and everyone voted to approve. We have a surplus only because of voluntary contributions from Fall 2018.

Richard will print ballots and bring a clear container to hold the ballots. People will write in names of candidates and rank them in order of preference (to break ties). We’ll hand out ballots as people arrive. Richard will prepare a sign that says one vote per household.


Paul Skidmore wants about one hour for himself, Captain Patten, Detective Nick Cleary and Gloria Reyes from 6:30 to 7:45. We’ll have a few minutes for Q&A.

Four people are up for reelection. We will start candidate presentations at 7:45 and then vote. The presentation consists of your name, address and a one-minute (or less) statement telling why you’d like to be on the board.

At 8:10, we’ll present information about the budget and allow about 15 minutes for that.

Anyone wanting to run can let Richard know at the meeting.

Each household will be able to submit one vote.

We’ll have a giant sticky note at the back of the room on a table with the names of the candidates (for example, Kraig, Jordan and Brian). The note will be moved to the front of the room after the one-minute presentations.

We need 10% of homeowners present for a quorum (145 households in Oakbridge = 15 for Quorum.) Renters with a 12-month lease or longer can vote. Richard will see how many homes are located in different areas of Oakbridge to split up the number of homes (for example, cul de sacs, East Oakbrook and West Oakbrook).


Richard, Jeff and Ron will count the votes after the meeting. Martin O’Grady’s Pub is open after the library closes so they will count the votes there.

2. Resolution about senior housing

Sauk Creek passed a resolution saying neighborhoods near Tree Lane housing want the city to consider providing social services and child care in the building currently set up for senior housing. However, the city has already signed contracts. Can the city reverse course at this point? Or is this largely ceremonial? There is no business plan or budget for this. These are complex tasks and the needs of residents are varied. Perhaps they could repurpose one or two vacant apartments.

Jim O’Keefe said he hopes to present a proposal to the City Council on February 5 about long-term funding for three case managers, children’s programming, mental health on site and referrals. To make a successful transition to housing after homelessness, services are needed.

Laura asked if Ron could provide the financial statement early so she could prepare Oakbridge taxes early. Ron will ask Julie for the statement and send it to Laura. (Note that Laura provides her services pro bono.)

We were asked if we wanted to pass a resolution. Five voted no and two voted yes. So no resolution was passed. One person was uncomfortable doing this without input from residents.

3. Financial statement

Laura asked if Ron could provide the financial statement early so she could prepare Oakbridge taxes early. Ron will ask Julie for the statement and send it to Laura. (Note that Laura provides her services pro bono.

4. Night lighting

One person asked that someone mention keeping lights on at night in Oakbridge at the annual meeting as part of the discussion about safety.

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