Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2019

Board members attending: Abigail Darwin, Ron Hay, Jeff Wilson, Barb Prigge, Nancy Kern

We talked about what made up the 2019 OCSA fee. In 2018, we charged $57/address. Adding 10% (as we normally would) would be $62. We also discussed that we were facing increases in the storm water utility (20%) and insurance (due in March); these would be about $19/address, so that bumped our estimate to $81/address. Then we added the special assessment for the city work on the concrete (sidewalks), which calculated to an additional $24/address. That is how we came up with $105/address (which was previously decided on December 12).

A quorum of the Board was present, and the Board members unanimously voted and resolved to levy an annual assessment for $105 for homeowners’ association dues for 2019 against the owners of lots in the Oakbridge Neighborhood.

We also discussed the due date for the OCSA fee and filing liens against OCSA members who do not pay their 2019 dues.

Finally, we talked about meeting again on January 23 at 7pm to plan the annual meeting. HOA letters will be stuffed into envelopes for mailing on January 12, 11am at Ron’s house.

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