Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2017

Call to order: A meeting of the Oakbridge Homeowners’ Association was held on April 6, 2017.  The meeting convened at 7 p.m., President Ron Hay presiding.

Members in attendance: Ron Hay, Dan Gronemus, Jeff Wilson, Abigail Darwin, Barb Prigge, Nancy Kern.


  1. Discuss May 10 neighborhood meeting agenda
    1. Cory Nelson – Madison Police West Precinct Captain – will speak to us about crime, scams, canvassing and other issues.
    2. Wendy Dalgety with Stark Realty will attend to discuss home values and the current real estate market.  She is providing some refreshments and door prizes.
    3. Neighborhood business
      1. Landscape committee – Identify what needs to be done for common areas and organize volunteers for clean-ups. Clean-ups are great exercise and a fun way to get to know neighbors. And they save money and keep our association dues low.
      2. Are people interested in a picnic or expanding the July 4th picnic? The 40th anniversary of Oakbridge is coming up in 2018. Is Sauk Creek a similar age? Does it make sense to hold a joint celebration?
      3. Do homeowners want to update the covenants? They were written in 1978 when the neighborhood started, so they’re out of date. For example: Satellite dishes used to take up large amounts of space in the yard while today’s dishes are smaller and located on the roof. Abigail will lead a committee with anyone in the neighborhood who’s interested in updating the covenants. We need 75% approval to amend covenants.
      4. Encourage more people to join the Board and start a regular rotation of Board duties.

Dan agreed to list the annual duties of Board. These include:

  • File an annual report
  • Pay insurance for common areas
  • Annual newsletter (published in 1st quarter of the year)
  • Advertise and hold annual garage sale in May
  • Hold board meeting the fourth quarter of each year – early November
  • Hold annual meeting for residents by January 31 each year

The neighborhood meeting will be held at Alicia Ashman Library on Wednesday, May 10 from 7-8:30 p.m.

Reminder: If anyone would like to talk about police issues, you can go to Steep ‘n Brew at 6656 Odana Road for Coffee with a Cop at 9 AM every Thursday.

  • Ron Hay: President
  • Jeff Wilson: Treasurer, Web site, Official Neighborhood Facebook
  • Nancy Kern: Secretary
  • Dan Gronemus
  • Barb Prigge: Newsletter
  • Katherine Holt
  • Abigail Darwin
  • Nancy Kern – Secretary

April 6, 2017 – Date of approval

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