Meeting Minutes – February 2, 2017

Call to order: A meeting of the Oakbridge Homeowners’ Association was held on February 2, 2017. The meeting convened at 7 p.m., President Ron Hay presiding.

Members in attendance: Ron Hay, Dan Gronemus, Jeff Wilson, Abigail Darwin, Barb Prigge, Katherine Holt, Nancy Kern.


  • Budget
    • We had an assessment income of $7,014 in 2016. Our 2016 end-of-year balance was negative (see below)—the largest reason due to snow removal/lawn care expenses. Utilities** were also another major expense. We increased dues to $52 for 2017 for an expected revenue of $7,540.  Expected expenses (based on 2016) = $7,600.  Plan to increase dues in 2018.
Snow removal/lawn care $6,864
Postage and office $177
Insurance $255*
Utilities $898**
Miscellaneous $0
Total expenses $8,194
2016 Loss ($1,180)

Expenses for 2016

**Utilities include water run-off from islands in cul de sacs, common property along Tree Lane, and other common areas within Oakbridge.

Actions taken to resolve shortfall:

  • Fortunately, the Association had enough in savings to cover the 2016 shortfall. However, this has nearly depleted the Association’s savings.
  • The Association’s annual insurance premium decreased from 2016 after researching lower-priced insurance.  Note:  Thanks to Ryan Waite for his help.

Ron Hay noted that a lot of damage has occurred to the grass on the Tree Lane common area sidewalks during snow removal.  We will check into other snow removal companies. Because costs aren’t likely to decrease and we’re cutting it very close, the Board unanimously decided to raise fees in 2018 to $58.  Our fees are still very low contrasted to other area neighborhoods.

  • Unpaid Association Dues
    • Discussion and next steps decided to manage the situation with one resident who hasn’t paid dues for many years.  Abigail to inquire about steps needed for legal proceedings and report back to the Board.  Jeff to prepare letters.  One option is to offer the resident the opportunity to pay the dues without the interest penalty.
  • Property Changes
    • 25 homes sold in Oakbridge in 2015 and 2016.
  • Fall Leaf-raking Day
    • Thanks to Board members and the many neighbors who volunteered their time and energy to rake leaves. The day was lots of fun, a great opportunity to get to know other neighbors and with so many volunteers so we were able to finish raking in less than two hours.  This saved money and tidied up the neighborhood.
  • Garage Sale
    • The annual garage sale will be on May 19 and 20 and advertised in the Wisconsin State Journal, on Craig’s list and Next Door.
  • Neighborhood Newsletter
    • The newsletter will be distributed by mid-March. We could ask if neighbors want to place an ad in the newsletter as a fundraiser for the neighborhood association.
  • Pool Memberships
    • Joan Henry will coordinate the pool memberships with costs about $350 and with half-season memberships also available.
  • July 4 Neighborhood Picnic and Children’s Parade
    • Dan Gronemus will request a fire truck in May. Ron Hay will look into food and beverage. Would people prefer a potluck? Bring lawn games?  Make it a fundraiser?
  • Future Neighborhood Meeting
    • We plan to hold a neighborhood meeting at Alicia Ashman Library on Wednesday, May 10 at 7 p.m. Discussion also included plans to provide some food & beverages. Planned agenda items:
      • request a West District police officer to speak about safety
      • Association’s operating expenses
      • mention the architectural review board
      • may invite a realtor to speak about area home prices
      • invite residents to bring their questions (except re: the 2 planned Tree Lane housing developments)
  • New Neighborhood Association Treasurer
    • Motion: Moved by Ron Hay that Jeff Wilson be the treasurer of the Oakbridge Homeowners’ Association.  Motion was seconded by Abigail Darwin. Motion carried.
  • Dan Gronemus: Treasurer
  • Ron Hay: President
  • Barb Prigge: Newsletter
  • Katherine Holt
  • Nancy Kern: Secretary
  • Jeff Wilson: Web site and Facebook
  • Abigail Darwin

February 12, 2017 – Date of approval


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